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Welcome to Just Dandy!

At Just Dandy each product is handmade in small batches to make sure you receive the best product possible. All of our candles are hand wicked, hand poured and lovingly packaged just for you! Our powdered laundry soap is made fresh in small batches on customer demand. We use only five ingredients and it is gentle enough for even delicate skin types. Our bar soaps are hand-blended and hand cut into our signature large bar. Your skin's oil is the best moisturizer you have. These oils can be removed by harsh chemicals and cleansers. We strive to provide you with products that are gentle on your skin, bar soap that lathers great and rinses clean and back that up with a commitment towards re-using & re-cycling. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them for you!



I LOVE my wax melts!!! I know what everyone is getting for Christmas already!!

Jaime L.

I LOVE my lilac candle!
The smell is amazing!!

Lisa D.

I need to make another order ... I've already used up the first.
I'm obsessed! The lilac candle is AH-MAY-ZING!!!

Kate W.

Just attended a bath bomb making class with my mother! Such a warm atmosphere! Easy to follow and fun to learn! Can’t wait to try out the purchased sugar scrub and already using the lip balm!

Destiny H.

I got to preview this amazing homemade product today. I can tell you the lemon grass candles smell amazing!!!!

Carrie K.

I can't wait for online ordering! I got my candle last week at YU (Yellow Umbrella) & love it!!! I got lilac for my mother-in- law but I'm going back for a lemon grass!

Krista O.

I attended the pour your own wax melt class! The products are amazing, the class was so much fun, and Sonya works her buns off to provide high quality products and they are all Made with her own 2 hands, not to mention how welcoming and friendly she is. Seriously, I recommend everything.

Crystal L.

Such a great business and Sonya is just so dedicated to bringing the most unique and freshest scents and smells to your home. I was so honored to have her featured in my #tribebox and everyone that was a part of it LOVED what she had to offer!

Kendra L.

Just checked out this shop yesterday for the first time and I will definitely be returning!! Great atmosphere and amazing products!

Amanda K.