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Our bar soaps are hand-blended and hand cut to size. Your skin's oil is the best moisturizer you have. These oils can be removed by harsh chemicals and cleansers. We strive to provide you with a bar that is gentle on your skin, lathers great and rinses clean. We use a combination of organic coconut oil, organic sustainably harvested palm oil, rice bran oil, castor oil, cocoa butter and shea butter in our recipes. Tallow and creamy lard soaps are available in select quantities as well. We use a method called cold processing. This method allows the soap to retain its natural glycerin created during the production process. We add no extra chemicals during our processing. We cure our cold process soaps for 6 weeks resulting in an exceptional bar of soap that is gentle on your skin. Custom Salt Spa Bars are available upon request! Our shampoo bars were introduced in 2018 and are made in small batches of 12 so that each bar is fresh when you receive it! Please browse all of our soap selections and we hope you enjoy our website! 
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