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Solid Dishwashing Block

Solid Dishwashing Block

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Our solid dishwashing block can cut stubborn grease and grime on your dirty dishes with ease. To use simply wet a sponge or washcloth and rub it over the bar to create an abundance of bubbly suds. Wash your dishes and rinse well. Dry your dishes with a soft cloth. Stand back and admire the squeaky clean and sparkling appearance of your dishes! This bar will work in cold or warm water, although my hands prefer warm. For pots and pans we recommend using our short handled scrubber brush!

Our dishwashing block is also a multi-purpose powerhouse! It can take stains out of laundry, spot clean stains on your carpet, clean your dirty range top, and wipe down countertops and bathroom sinks! It can safely be used on porcelain, stainless, stone and ceramic sinks and countertops.

Our bar is unscented and fragrance-free. Our 5.5 ounce bar lasts and lasts! One person who washes all dishes by hand can easily get 2-3 months out of one bar! Take that you nasty plastic liquid soap bottles!

I have noticed that if I use my scrubber on the bar it does wear down the bar faster than using a soft washcloth. I also recommended wearing dishwashing gloves while doing your dishes as the cleansing power of our bar can be a bit much on bare hands. I recommend allowing your dishwashing block to set on a wooden soap deck between uses to dry out and prolong its life. 

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Distilled Water, Sodium Hydroxide