Jewelweed Soap
Jewelweed Soap

Jewelweed Soap

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We wild harvest the jewelweed plant once it enters full bloom and its juices are really flowing. Mother Nature is clever and has created her own antidote for poison ivy! Once harvested the jewel weed is hand cut and brought to a simmer in distilled water. A gorgeous tea is created and the jewelweed is then strained from the water. More jewel weed is again hand cut and placed in coconut oil for a long slow simmer. The jewel weed juices infuse with the coconut oil for skin loving goodness! Once finished the jewel weed plant is again strained out. What we are left with is the makings of one incredible soap. This soap is a natural green color from the plant oil. 

I find that this soap is very effective in removing the poison ivy (urushiol) oil that causes the painful skin irritation and rash. Wash immediately after entering (you have approximately 30 minutes to get the oil off) the home from being outside. Urushiol is quickly absorbed into the skin! Leave shoes or boots outside as they may also be contaminated with the plant oil. Launder clothing immediately and take care not to touch/handle it too much because it also could contain the plant oil.  You can even transfer the oil to other parts of your body with your fingers or by touching your pets fur if they had been in contact with the plant. Contrary to popular belief, blister oil does not spread the rash. You have to come into contact directly with the plants oil!  Another fascinating fact is that the urushiol oil can remain potent for years! If you put away those shoes you were wearing when you contracted poison ivy without cleaning them and pull them out a year later you could again re-contaminate yourself! 

I recommend washing with the soap before AND after outdoor activity. 

Our bar soap is packaged in a recyclable paperboard box.

Ingredients: Wild Harvested Jewelweed, Organic Coconut Oil, Distilled Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Frankincense and Geranium Essential Oils

Net wt. 3.5 oz ~ 99 gm