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Conditioner Bar

Conditioner Bar

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Introducing our solid hair conditioner bar. We use just two ingredients. Yes, you read that right. TWO ingredients. I dare you to compare! Have you ever read the ingredient list on your shampoo or hair conditioner bottles? No? Go grab it now and take a good look! What in the world is ALL THAT JUNK and WHY are you using it? And really, why plastic bottles? None of it is necessary or good for you or our environment! It's time to simplify your beauty routine and ditch the plastic bottles at the same time! 

Ingredients: BTMS 50, phthalate free fragrance and/or essential oils

Technical sounding words seem scary right? BTMS sounds downright frightening but here's the low down! Behentrimonium Methosulfate or BTMS is a VEGETABLE BASED conditioning emulsifier. It can be used to emulsify lotions and scrubs but is more commonly used to make hair conditioners. This emulsifying system contains a large percentage of conditioning agents, making it appropriate for leave-on conditioning treatments as well as traditional rinse off hair care. This product contains no hazardous solvents!

Behentrimonium Methosulfate is a quaternary ammonium salt derived from the natural plant oil Colza, or what is commonly known as Rapeseed Oil! It is both a mild primary emulsifier and an effective conditioning agent, which provides elegant cationic emulsions for both skin and hair care products. These emulsions leave hair tangle-free and feeling silky smooth and provide skin with a softer, powdery feel after use in skin products such as lotions and creams. Not so scary sounding now right? Give one a try, we guarantee you won't go back to your bottled hair care products :)

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