What is Just Dandy?

  • Welcome! We are a husband and wife team that have created a small business on our 83 acre Northern Minnesota farm that strives to bring a more healthy bath and body product to you, your family and your home! What started out as a girl making soy candles in her farm kitchen a few years ago has grown to over 10 retail stockists and now supports a strong following! At Just Dandy each product is handmade in small batches in our studio to make sure you receive the freshest product possible. As a registered nurse of 23 years it is extremely important to me what goes on and into our bodies! I have logged thousands of hours of research and product testing into each item before it reaches our boutique shelves and your home! We take great pride in our products and are pleased to share them with you! My husband and I would like to welcome you to our small business and we hope you enjoy reading our blog posts! 
  • Our goal for 2019 is to reduce plastic use within our business! We love our earth and enjoy our farm immensely! Our two horses and dog, Tucker, have the run of the place! What would life be without the joy animals and our earth bring us? Let’s all work together to keep our earth beautiful and healthy! By doing our part to reduce and recycle we hope to inspire others to do so as well! You may have started noticing we are now selling our bar soaps naked in our boutique. We also have transitioned to recyclable paper packaging for our facial bars, shampoo bars and hair conditioner bars! Our candle vessels can all be recycled or up-cycled and re-used! Our beard oils are in gorgeous amber glass bottles and our beard balms are manufactured in re-usable metal tins!
  • All of our candles are hand wicked, hand poured and lovingly packaged just for you! We pour our candles using premium coconut wax to create a candle that is cleaner burning, longer-lasting and great smelling. We use only lead free cotton wicks and premium phthalate free fragrance oils. All of our jar candles and candle tins and be recycled or re-used! Once your candle is gone you can clean your empty jar or tin with boiling water and re-use them as storage tins or anything else you desire. Our newest luxury glass candle line can even be brought back to us for a discounted refill!
  • Our laundry soap is made fresh in small batches on customer demand. We have harnessed the natural cleansing power of coconut oil and custom created our very own powdered laundry soap! We use only five ingredients and it is gentle enough for even delicate skin types. We do not add any essential oil scents to our laundry soap as they typically will not survive the wash. You can, however, add essential oils to your soap at home if you wish! We have found a drop or two on a natural wool dryer ball was far more successful. Use caution as some essential oils can stain clothing. Our soap can be used with top load, front load and HE machines. Because we do not use harsh chemicals in our soap it is gentler on the machines and safer for your septic system. Be sure to try our stain stick too!
  • Our bar soaps are hand-blended and hand cut to size here in our studio. Your skin's natural oil is the best moisturizer you have. These oils can be removed by harsh chemicals and cleansers. We strive to provide you with a bar that is gentle on your skin, lathers great and rinses clean. We use a combination of organic coconut oil, sustainably harvested palm oil, rice bran oil, castor oil, cocoa butter and shea butter in our vegan recipe. Tallow and lard soaps are available in select quantities as well. We have a phthalate free fragrance oil collection of bar soaps for those who love the unusual and exotic scents! We also take great pride in our natural vegan soap line scented only in essential oils and colored with natural clays! We use a method called cold processing. This method allows the soap to retain its natural glycerin created during the production process. We add no extra chemicals, sulfates or detergents during our bar soap processing. We cure our cold process soaps for 6 weeks resulting in an exceptional bar of soap that is gentle on your skin. Our newest addition is our shampoo bar! We use no sulfates, artificial fragrances or detergents in our shampoo bar. Be watching for more natural products coming out in 2019!
  • In addition we also have a complete men’s line of grooming products including: shave soaps, beard balms, beard oils and aftershaves.
  • Oh...did I mention we also teach classes? We love to share our craft and enjoy welcoming students to our farm studio! Please be sure to check our website for upcoming class dates and sip and shop events held right here at our boutique on the farm !! This year we held our first annual Just Dandy Art Festival and were pleased to see nearly 1300 people attend and look forward bringing the festival to the public again next June! 
  • Thank you for trying our products. We hope you and your family enjoy them as much as we enjoyed making them for you!  
Till we chat again....

~ Sonya


    • Wow!! I knew your products were better for me than what I had been using and now I understand how and why! Great blog!

      Carrie Jessen
    • Son, you did a great job on your blog. Keep up the good work. Would like to take a class this spring. Waiting for Mike’s sister Brenda to get back from winter out of state. Love you and am very proud to call you my neice😊😊😊😊😊


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