The Oil Cleansing Method

Our facial skin is super delicate and yet we treat it so badly! How many of you ladies sleep with your makeup on? I did. I was lazy. Honestly, I mistreated my face for decades. Sun bathing, tanning booths, wind and winter exposure, makeup, alcohol, experimenting with cigarettes, poor diet, etc. I mean really, my face should look like a prune by now for all the heck I have put it through, but it doesn't. Oil cleansing and facial serums have turned the clock back! I swear my skin looks better today than when I was 25. I wish someone would have clued me in to oil cleansing when I was a teenager! Ladies, get your sons and daughters started in their teens. Their skin will thank them!

So what exactly is the oil cleansing method? It’s a method by which you cleanse your face using oils. Yep, you read that right. Oils! The logic here goes back to what we learned in science. Like dissolves like. Those three words right there say it all. The nourishing and healing oils in our Olive Cleansing Oil work to dissolve the dirty oils and toxins that have accumulated on your face over the course of the day. When you're done, it leaves behind fresh, supple skin that isn't as eager to produce MORE oils to compensate for what you've stripped off using a traditional facial cleanser.

With continued use, you just might find out you have gorgeous, clear, and radiant skin that you never knew you had before. I was shocked. At the age of 46 I am rocking the gorgeous benefits of oil cleansing!

Here's another neat fact - it's also a super effective natural makeup remover! In fact, the oil cleansing method is the only way I remove my makeup. Don't waste your dollars on store bought makeup removers that contain..who knows what!  Taking off every trace of makeup at the end of the day will not only improve your canvas for the following morning, but it can prevent clogging your pores and unexpected breakouts, and improve the overall health of your skin.

How does one perform this method? I suggest you do your cleanse before bed. I LOVE going to bed with a freshly cleansed soft face. First, wet your face. Then, pour a small amount of your oil, about the size of a quarter, into your hand and warm it with your hands. Apply the oil to your face! Massage it deep into your pores with special focus on any trouble spots you may have. Allow it to remain on for a minute to up to 30 minutes. Its enjoyable and relaxing. I suggest using upward strokes when applying your oil. While your oil is working turn on the tap and get the hot water running. Grab your washcloth and using the hottest water you can safely tolerate soak your washcloth and apply it to your face. This part feels divine! The hot clean water and steam will open your pores and remove the oil which takes with it the dirt and toxins! Hold the washcloth on your face until it cools. Repeat two to three times to remove all the oil from your face. I recommend hot water because cold water won't truly lift the oil from your skin. That is it. No harsh cleansers needed. No grit to scratch your tender skin, no alcohol base to dry you out, just beautiful skin nourishing oils. For my morning facial cleanser I simply use my activated charcoal bar soap while showering and leave the oil cleansing for my nighttime routine.

What do I use to perform this method? A beautiful blend of vegetable and seed oils that will help cleanse and moisturize your delicate skin. Our Just Dandy Olive Cleansing Oil uses organic olive oil, olive squalane, di-ppg-2 myreth-10 adipate, organic castor oil, vitamin E oil, and organic frankincense essential oil. There are a wide variety of oils out there. We are also formulating cleansing oils for dry maturing skin and oily acne prone skin so stay tuned! I will let you know when those hit the website! 

Typically, no additional moisturizer is needed after the adjustment period, but if you still have dry skin, our luxurious facial serums are perfect following an oil cleanse! 

Let's chat soon.....

~ Sonya

Disclaimer: I hope you have found my blog useful and helpful. I am a professional registered nurse of 25 years and my blog posts are intended for informational and educational purposes only. They should not be seen as health, nutritional or medical advice. I am not a doctor nor have I ever played one on TV. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. I recommend checking with your doctor before beginning any new treatment as I am unaware of your entire medical history.

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  • I’m excited to try this, because no matter how moisturizing the soap is that I use, I always have a dry, tight feeling after cleansing…that can’t be good. I love the dewy look of my skin before I dry my face. I am looking forward to that remaining after I dry. I have the exact same history of skin abuse as you do! I can eliminate the makeup remover also! I like that.

  • I bought the cleansing oil at your Just Dandy event and am just about done using my other cleanser so I can start on the cleansing oil.

  • Awesome, I’m excited to try this!


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