Sweet Sugar Scrubs

We all know sugar taken internally isn't the best for us, but when used topically sugar can give your skin a pretty sweet makeover!

There are sugar scrubs everywhere you turn these days! I have tried many of them. Most are a simple combination of oil and sugar meant to exfoliate and wash away dead skin cells. Those simple combinations will often leave your bathtub an oil slick. Please take extreme caution if you use these or make these at home. The slip and fall risk is high. For that reason we have handcrafted an emulsified sugar scrub that leaves no slip to your tub!

Sugar is an excellent natural exfoliator. It is also a wonderful natural humectant. It helps draw precious moisture to your skin from the environment. But here is the number one reason I chose sugar for my emulsified scrub; sugar is a natural source of glycolic acid! Glycolic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid that is able to penetrate the skin and break down the "glue" that bonds our skin cells together. This, in turn, promotes faster cell turnover and helps reveals fresher looking skin! 

To use our emulsified sugar scrub simply wet your skin (preferably in a nice warm shower), massage the scrub into your skin gently using circular motions for one minute. Then simply let the warm water of your shower wash away the scrub and old skin cells. You will notice that the sugar will dissolve in the warm water and you will leave the shower feeling smooth and lotioned! The skin loving oils we have hand selected for this scrub will be quickly absorbed into your skin! Bonus: no slippery tub/shower! I recommend using our sugar scrubs once or twice a week to remove dead skin cells and help reveal brighter softer skin! Regular exfoliation should be a part of any effective anti-aging skin care regime! Simply adding an emulsified sugar scrub to your weekly skin care regime can yield some pretty sweet results! You can find a variety of handcrafted sugar scrubs here on our website. Try one today! I would love to hear about your experience!

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