Let's Talk Salt Lamps

It's Earth Day! No better time for this blog post than today! We've all seen them. Those glowing orange rocks in people's homes or businesses. But what the heck are they? Those glowing godesses are called Himalayan salt lamps and here's why we might all want one!

Did you know that since the beginning time people have been using salt? In fact, it was highly regarded as a currency for trade and for preserving many foods and meats! In several countries today, salt mines and hot salt springs are utilized by thousands for their rejuvenating benefits! Hot salt springs are so revered in Germany that companies will frequently send over-worked employees to the salt springs to rejuvenate! Can we get that here please?

We may not have Himalayan salt springs here in the US, but we can still take advantage of this salt. So, what is it about this salt that is so beneficial? It's a little game called ion exchange!

Mother nature creates negative ions and positive ions. The disturbance of water molecules naturally produces negative ions! Think cleansing rainstorms, a waterfall, lightning, warm sunlight, soothing ocean waves and even the wind! Have you ever felt the natural tension in the air right before a thunderstorm? It is here that positive ions are reaching their peak! As the storm hits, electrical charge fills the air and then the rain falls through that air onto the Earth. The rain brings with it negative cleansing ions. After the storm you can feel the calmness and literally sense the clarity in the air, right? Like an equilibrium was reached. It was. That Mother Nature is one smart cookie. 

So, we can't have a cleansing thunderstorm in our home or office on a daily basis, but we can do our part to help bring in the power of negative ions! Did you know that some of the most polluted air you breathe is right in your own home? If you add up your time in your home and in your workspace, you actually spend over 90% of your time indoors! Shocking right? Adding a simple Himalayan salt lamp to your home is thought to assist in cleansing and purifying your indoor air and promoting a sense of peace and calmness. Salt is hygroscopic (it attracts water molecules to itself) thus the salt lamp draws moisture that is carrying air pollutants to itself. Once the moisture hits the salt it is thought that the pollutants remain trapped in the salt. Because the salt is heated from the bulb it dries and is then able to repeat this process continually! I haven't turned mine off in over two years and any of you who have visited our boutique have seen our glowing salt lamp. 

Many people purchase salt lamps for the beauty alone. They are gorgeous. Their glow is unlike anything else! There is something magical and soothing about the glow. The unique color of the salt is due to a high concentration of minerals. What a great conversation starter! A single Himalayan salt lamp is thought to assist with ion exchange in your home and could aide in freshening and purifying your air. They should be placed in areas you typically spend most of your time, usually bedrooms and home offices. 

Is a salt lamp right for you? That is up to you! If you have a friend with a salt lamp, ask them what they love about it! There is not a great deal of scientific research out there on the proven benefits of the salt lamp but those who own them sure love them! I love mine so much we just stocked Himalayan salt lamps in our boutique! Try one today! If you already own a salt lamp, please comment below and tell us what you love about your salt lamp! 

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