Let's Make Micro Greens!

It's that time of year here in Minnesota. Our lush green landscape has turned pure white. Our warm balmy days have become crisp and cold! To be honest, I love all the seasons. My husband and I enjoy sitting on the front porch watching the sun set at 10 pm in the summer and seeing fireflies dance at twilight, but then again a soft white snowfall while curled up next to the fireplace warms my heart just as equally. The one thing I miss in the winter is the fresh garden and fresh greens! That was before my friends, Mark and Peg Schultz, created a tabletop self watering micro green system! Welcome to the GardenStream! I had to try it to be believe it and let me tell you what...AMAZING! I have detailed my journey for you to follow along with from set up to sunflower micro green harvesting. All while the snow outside is falling! 

Peg was kind enough to deliver a kit to my home for this journey! Thanks Peg! Here is what the kit looked like when it arrived.

So let's delve inside!

So far so good! Looks easy and comes with complete step by step instructions. This would be SO FUN for the kiddos! Let's put it together...

The plastic cup attaches to the base of the main holder with the plastic tube that is in your kit. Then fill your water bottle.

Following the instructions I inserted the hard plastic insert. The soil mix will be added over this insert! Someone really thought this through!

Added the potting soil next...

Here's where I had to stop. I had to soak my seeds overnight! So into a bowl of water the seeds go. Looks like we will plant tomorrow!

So the next day I was so excited to put my sunflower seeds into the soil mixture! This part was easy and fun. I simply spread them evenly over the mixture and using the spray bottle moistened the top soil. 

Then on goes the cover and the magic begins! Per the instructions I was to keep the cover on for three days! THREE DAYS! How do I wait three days without peaking under the cover? Believe it or not the sunflowers lifted the lid all on their own. From here on out things got impressive! Mother nature is sure gifted. 

After about five days I removed the lid and placed the container on my east facing kitchen windowsill. Look what unfolded!

Such a beautiful sight on such a cold day!

Time to harvest! From planting to harvest was about 8 days for me and I even let some go longer! They were DELICIOUS! I did not have to leave my house in the snow to head to town to purchase micro-greens. This was the best part. Here is how I enjoy my micro greens! I love them with hard boiled eggs, a little mayo and walnuts! My perfect quick go to lunch!

This was a great experience! I cannot wait to plant the peas next! I highly recommend the Garden Stream for you or any of your green thumb friends this holiday season. What a great experience for your kids to do over Christmas break! Right now they are even ON SALE! You can get yours for $40! Feel free to give Mark a call at 218-556-1594 and get yours today! Give a gift this season that keeps on giving all year long! 


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  • Sonya, I’d love to have one of these! Will you have them at your sip n shop?

    Jody Severson

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