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Beard Balm
Beard Balm

Beard Balm

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Beard gone dry and awry on you? Needing to tame the beast? Our bead balms are not only nourishing to your hair and skin but come in medium or extra hold. All are vegan and scented with 100% pure therapeutic grade essentials oils. Each balm comes in a sleek 2 ounce tin with a screw on lid to lock in all that goodness!

Medium hold: Mint & Herb only. Ingredients: organic coconut oil, shea butter, avocado oil, castor oil, apricot kernel oil, candelilla wax, essential oils.

Extra hold: Lavender & Spruce, Fir Needle, Woodsy Blend and Tea Tree Blend. Ingredients: Shea butter, avocado oil, sunflower oil, castor oil, candelilla wax, essential oils.

Directions for use: Removed desired amount from container using the back of your thumbnail. Rub between your hands to soften and dissolve the balm. Apply and massage into beard and skin. Comb or brush beard to evenly distribute oils. Enjoy! 

♻ please recycle the packaging our balms come in or return it to us and we will recycle it for you